Welcome to the collaborative finance revolution

Our members work together to raise their property deposit on average 45% faster

Your capital is at higher risk than on deposit

How does it work?

We match you with other members based on your deposit target. Each month, everyone in the groups pays in the same set amount of money, and one member is awarded the total. This happens each month until every member is awarded the total.

Let’s look at a simplified example using six members of the StepLadder team:

Tap on a month to see who wins in that month and how they’re paid
Six of us each start saving in January. We all want a £6000 deposit and can save £1000 a month. Saving on our own it would take six months for us to each raise our full deposit amount.

Instead we join a StepLadder circle and pay in £1000 a month. Each month one of us is selected, at random, to receive the full £6000 deposit, which we can access to buy our house. By working together 5 out of 6 of us have rasied our property deposit faster than saving alone.

Joining a StepLadder circle works whether you need £5,000, £50,000 or more. Why not give yourself a 87% chance of raising your deposit faster?
*Your capital is at higher risk than on deposit
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    "I came across StepLadder on Facebook and thought it seemed like a great way to make my move onto the property ladder sooner!"

    Amish Patel
    StepLadder member
    Received his £12,000 deposit in January 2018
  • LS


    “StepLadder gave me flexibility with my payments when my circumstances changed. The customer service is really personalised, I felt immediately comfortable working through any changes with the Membership team. Would recommend to anyone worried about flexibility.”

    Louis Slabbert
    StepLadder member
  • SHN


    “StepLadder really helps with the discipline of saving money for your first home, and I really like the community feel!”

    Shaan Ahmed
    CEO of Uown
    StepLadder Member - Received his £12,000 deposit in March 2018
  • Dan&Lu


    "The idea that we could win any month really inspired us to keep saving! Our Circle host Matt was always available to answer any questions and provided us with advice all the way through our home buying journey!"

    Lucy and Danylo
    Stepladder Members
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    “StepLadder is a truly innovative way to help first time buyers save for that all important deposit. StepLadder’s genius and well thought out savings circles will hopefully keep first time buyers motivated in their savings plan and make homeownership a reality – and much sooner. Well done StepLadder!”

    First Time Buyer Magazine

Why join StepLadder?

Based on a standard circle drawing, 87% of our members get their property deposit sooner!

The average time value of this is measured in the tens of thousands.

Think this could be for you?

Want to find out what your mortgage payment could be? The MAS Mortgage Calculator can help you find out.

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Our current circles


£500 per month x 10 months
Launched February 2018


£1000 per month x 12 months
Launched December 2017

How did we come up with this idea?

We didn’t…

There used to be community in banking here. We used to know our savings went into financing our neighbours – that’s how credit unions and building societies formed.  For a generation now, that seems to have been lost in the mainstream. We can bring it back together.

Our collaborative solution has been used around the world for centuries. The academic name for our product is a ROSCA (a Rotating Savings and Credit Association). For hundreds of years local communities have come together in this way to help each other reach their savings goals faster.

Huge in Asia, Africa and Latin America each local community has its own name for this collaborative banking model. Just take a look at how many communities use ROSCAs!

Meet the Team

Matthew Addison - StepLadder

Matthew Addison


Californian Anglophile, Collaborative Finance Evangelist, Finance Hacker

Eve Ainsbury - StepLadder

Eve Ainsbury


Digital Acrobat, Information Alchemist, Professional Amateur Ballerina

Muhammad Fatteh Haider - StepLadder

Muhammad Haider

Membership Team

Problem Solver, Humanitarian, Home Ownership Advocate

Nabiha Khan - StepLadder

Nabiha Khan

Membership Team 

Investor in relations, Sports Enthusiast, First Time Buyer Supporter

Lucy Mullins - StepLadder

Lucy Mullins

Membership Team

First Time Buyer Cheerleader, Partnership Connector, Strategic Blonde

Michaela Regan - StepLadder

Michaela Regan


Analytical Marketer, First Time Buyer, Out of Box Thinker

Peter Rushton

Peter Rushton


International, financial, eclectic

Henry Whittaker - StepLadder

Henry Whittaker


Data Geek, Technophile, Newbie Homeowner

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