Barclays Graduate Event!

The StepLadder team were once again out and about letting first time buyers know that they could get on the property ladder faster! This time, we visited Barclays to meet their graduates where our founder, Matthew Addison, explained how StepLadder could help them raise their property deposit up to 45% faster, on average, than saving alone.

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Meeting our circle members

Open house at StepLadder HQ! We invited prospective members into the StepLadder HQ to met the team, ask their questions, and find out how we could help them get on the property ladder faster! It was great getting to know our members and prospective members who are keen to see if they could get on the property ladder faster!

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The Abolition of Stamp Duty

Autumn Budget - What abolishing Stamp Duty might mean for you If you just exchanged contracts and got the keys to your first home, we can understand if you’re kicking yourself. At least you’re on the property ladder. However, if you are getting serious now about buying a first home in the next few years, this could be some very welcome news! Let’s break this down….

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Stepladder returns to the First Time Buyers Show

The StepLadder team once again attended the First Time Buyer show, this time in Croydon, and had a great time explaining to first time buyers how they could raise their property on average 45% faster than saving alone!

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The Property Investor Show 2017

The Property Investor & Homebuyer Show was held at the ExCel center, London and StepLadder was there to greet everyone!

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The StepLadder Story

Every so often as an innovative FinTech start-up, we are asked to tell our story to a new audience briefly and with context. The following video is our attempt - late in the day and in a single take - to share our story and our mission. StepLadder aims to help our members buy their first home faster.

First Time Buyer nationwide trends

Insights from Halifax's semi-annual industry report January 2017.

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Hello, Barclays' Rise!

Our new digs are at the recently opened Rise London FinTech-focused co-working community in Shoreditch. We needed more space as we've grown, and the community of innovators concentrating here make this a great fit.

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You asked us on Facebook and happy to reply (19-Aug)

What's stopping the other person in the group from withdrawing the deposit then not repaying the payments back?

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ROSCAs? What are ROSCAs? And why does StepLadder keep mentioning them?

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StepLadder at Campus London

StepLadder at Campus London

Local Problem, Imported Solution - Hacking the Generation Rent crisis with tech-enabled collaborative finance from Brazil!

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We were asked on Facebook and happy to reply (4-May)

Does anyone know if this is legit? What about those of us who already have a lump sum put away?

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We were asked on Facebook and happy to reply (13-Apr)

Two scenarios which I envisage could be a nightmare from this:
1 - you are the lucky "winner" at month 10, let's say that your new home completes on month 16, and you move in. Am I right in saying that for the next 24 months you're going to have to find the cash for the regular £800 AND Mortgage payment?
2 - The possibility that you pay in for 80 months and never get chosen...are you guaranteed to be paid out at month 40 if you haven't been selected previous to this?

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We were asked on Facebook and happy to reply (23-Apr)

Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. Or possibly some sort of trapezoid.

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We were asked on Facebook and happy to reply (23-Apr)

If this is what I think it is, I doubt it would meet the lending criteria of most banks. Lenders would expect borrowers to raise all their deposit, and if part of the deposit is not their own funds, then lenders would expect that part to be a gift from an immediate family member.

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StepLadder featured in First Time Buyer (Feb/Mar 2017)

Thank you to Lynda and the team at FTB for including us. We share a mission of helping qualified prospective first time home buyers reach that first rung of the property ladder.

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Brexit and the First Time Buyer

Here we are. Nearly a year in the making - Article 50 has been triggered. This could be the starting gun to a sprint forward for England, or it could be the match to a two-year fuse leading to a powder keg of unintended consequences. Or, Brexit could be something in between.

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First Time Buyers – Finally time to have someone on your side!

Buying a house isn’t easy – and we’re not just talking about saving for the property deposit. The process itself, especially the first time, is no treat. This is scary-big.

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Millennials Versus the Housing Market

Doesn't look like it's getting any easier for First Time Buyers. StepLadder can help.

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We were asked on Facebook and happy to reply (3-Feb)

"[Looks like StepLadder is a] poshed up ajo"

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AMP Project Report

This report highlights how First Time Buyers can find themselves facing new, unfamiliar issues around a property purchase.

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Rents rising faster than house prices?

Rent appreciation is taking more out of paycheques every month

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Business Insider

Great summary of the headwinds facing First Time Buyers.

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We were asked on Facebook and happy to reply (1-Feb)

If a group of people each want say 50,000 deposit and pay in 500 per month, in order for someone to have access to the full deposit you'd need 100 investors [sic]. ... could be up to 8 years before it's your turn.

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ROSCAs? What are ROSCAs? And why does StepLadder keep mentioning them?

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Ep8. Who is StepLadder for?

StepLadder's CEO reflects on StepLadder's mission to solve a generational challenge for first time home buyers. Or, more accurately, empowering members to help themselves by collaborating with peers.

Ep7. We often get asked

StepLadder's CEO fields the most common questions from prospective StepLadder members whom he had met in dozens of InfoSessions in the past year.


StepLadder's CEO discusses one of the world's most widely used financial products not available in the U.K. and the origin story for StepLadder.

Ep5. Mortgages

StepLadder's CEO shares a few insights on the typical residential mortgage - one of the most sophisticated financial products nearly every homeowner buys. *Note, StepLadder is not a regulated mortgage advisor, nor should this interview be seen as giving individual mortgage advice.

Ep4. What to do now I have my deposit

StepLadder's CEO maps typical pitfalls to putting that property deposit to work and how StepLadder members get a step ahead.

Ep3. Getting my home quicker

StepLadder's CEO illustrates why time really is money, and peace of mind, for prospective first time home buyers getting that property deposit together.

Ep2. You’re not alone!

StepLadder's CEO shares insights, data, and anecdotes about the first time buyer dilemma and the empowering effect of collaborative finance.

Stepladder at the First Time Buyers Show

StepLadder was at the First Time Buyer Home Show on the 23rd March to show people how we can help reduce the average time taken to raise a property deposit by 45% compared to saving alone!

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Interview with Disrupt

Stepladder featured in Disrupt Property (Mar 17)

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Ep1. Why buy?

StepLadder's CEO explores this crucial question and explains how StepLadder can help members get their property deposits in roughly half the time, on average.

Get help putting money away regularly for your first home deposit

StepLadder can help you overcome some of the hurdles to regular saving

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StepLadder helps you buy your first home faster

StepLadder members get their home downpayment 45% faster, on average, than saving alone

StepLadder helps likeminded first time buyers work together

We can team you up with similar first time buyers to help achieve your goals quicker, together

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Meet three aspiring first-time property buyers #tiredofrenting

If their story sounds familiar to you, StepLadder can help!

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StepLadder featured in Burnmark Report

In the UK today, qualified under-35s are struggling to own a home because saving independently for an adequate deposit has proven too hard for too long.

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Our founder’s research on how products similar to StepLadder work in Brazil

StepLadder’s founder, Matthew Addison, wrote his master’s thesis on how communities of people in Brazil work together to achieve their financial goals, which inspired StepLadder.

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Planning deposit savings

To reach your destination, it is important to know where you are going and, without a road map, finding your way can be extremely difficult.

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Wage and property prices gap

Saving money for a house deposit when you are a first-time buyer is currently one of the hardest things you can try to achieve, especially as the gap between wage growth and the rise in property prices grows ever-larger.

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