StepLadder could help you get your deposit 45% faster on average


Start by registering and creating a member profile. Tell us what deposit amount you need, how much you can put aside and for how long.

We’ll then match you to a circle with similar members and carry out verification.
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Each month one member of each circle will be randomly selected by our allocation algorithm and receive their property deposit.

Each current & paid-up member will be drawn once during their circle term.
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We’ll hold your deposit until you’re ready to purchase your home. We’ll then send your deposit directly to the solicitor.

At the end of the circle’s term, you’ll be in a position to own your own home. And have made some friends along the way.
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StepLadder can help like minded first-time buyers work together

Our peer-to-peer solution to a generational challenge

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How does StepLadder work?

By enabling groups of qualified home buyers to work together, StepLadder helps reduce the average time taken to raise property deposits by up to 45%, compared to saving alone, which means owning a home months or even years sooner.

Each member commits the same amount of money per month, but by pooling their resources, members stand to gain access to their total deposit amount earlier.

StepLadder members will also have access to exclusive specialist knowledge and group buying discounts throughout the property buying process.

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