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Where did StepLadder come from?

New buyers are struggling to get on the housing ladder, and house prices have been growing further and further out of reach. Moreover, saving enough for a deposit can seem almost impossible for many people.

We created StepLadder to overcome these challenges, revolutionising first-time property buying by empowering individuals to work together.

The StepLadder concept is based on widely used financial arrangements which operate in many countries, from Asia to Latin America.

Executive Team

Matthew Addison


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As a father of two, Matthew saw the challenges faced by younger generations looking to buy their first home. Looking to his children’s futures, Matthew wanted to help first-time home buyers and "restore balance to the Force." Having seen the power of collaborative finance to help people around the world, and using his 15 years of experience in finance and investment, he founded StepLadder. Matthew’s role covers all aspects of the business but he particularly loves spreading the word about StepLadder.

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Peter Rushton

Business Development

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Peter experienced first-hand how difficult and confusing buying your first home can be. With property prices growing further out of reach, and fewer options available for those saving for a home, he believes that a new approach is required. He co-founded StepLadder and brings with him 14 years of financial services experience.

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Henry Whittaker

Engineering & Systems

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Henry is a finance professional turned entrepreneur who has run and been involved with several start-ups. With a background in engineering, his general focus is on the intersection of product, tech and data and he is responsible for the StepLadder technology platform.

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Lucy Mullins

Business Development

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Lucy is an experienced business development and relationship manager who loves to help people achieve their goals and overcome challenges – such as getting on the property ladder. She is a trained executive coach and has worked in a variety of senior management and leadership roles in the financial services industry and within higher education.

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Ani Banerjee

Business Development

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Ani spent the last 13 years as a financial services professional and has an applied interest in the emerging field of impact entrepreneurship. He loves the impact StepLadder creates for young Britons wanting to buy their first homes and spends his passion and energy to evangelize and build the business working closely with the team.

Advisory Committee

Jared Smith

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As President and COO, Jared Smith oversees engineering, product development, and business operations at Qualtrics. Before Qualtrics, Jared spent six years at Google scaling organizations and leading all of the company's product efforts for Greater China and Southeast Asia (30+ countries and some 26% of the world's Internet users). Prior to Google, Jared was the Vice President of Product & Marketing for Juice Software in New York City, the lead product manager for the directory service at Novell, and a consumer product manager at WordPerfect overseeing 22 products in 17 countries. Jared holds a bachelors degree from the London School of Economics.

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Murray Bailey

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Murray has been focused on retail financial services for almost 30 years, and although specializing in credit risk management, has involvement with all areas of risk management and has acted as a Chief Risk Officer on a number of occasions, most significantly at GE Capital Bank.

Murray has worked with a large number of UK institutions both large and small and has in particular worked with many of the specialist and peer to peer lenders in helping them to build and develop credit scorecards and implementing appropriate underwriting policies. Recent roles have included Risk Director at ZOPA (2007 – 2011), Head of Credit Risk at Amigo Loans (2012 – 2013), and Risk Specialist and advisor to Pollen Street Capital (20013 - 2016).

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Elizabeth Lillie

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Elizabeth is BT's Managing Director for Customer Experience. Her career spans both industry and consulting. As a partner at Accenture, from 2004, she established world-class expertise in customer experience and marketing for consumer facing firms in highly competitive, fast growing, and predominantly digital markets.

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Richard Wyatt

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Richard brings a wealth of finance and business experience to the team. He is Chairman of Loudwater Partners Ltd and Scott Harris Ltd, and a non-executive director of Jack Wills. He is a former Vice Chair at Rothschild & Co and former Chairman of The Engine Group.

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